Navy Blue Bedding What Color Walls? A Comprehensive Guide

Navy blue bedding is a great way to add drama and sophistication to any bedroom. But when it comes to choosing the right wall color, you need to be careful that you don’t overpower the room with too much navy. The perfect combination of colors can create an inviting atmosphere while still making a bold statement in your space. So what are the best wall colors for pairing with navy blue bedding?

In this article, we’ll explore some of the top choices for walls that will perfectly complement navy blue bedding – both classic and modern options. From muted neutrals like gray and taupe, to vibrant accents such as yellow or pink – there’s something here for everyone! We’ll also discuss how different textures and shades can affect the overall look of your bedroom, so you can make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for every time.

So whether you’re creating a tranquil retreat or adding a touch of glamour, let’s take a look at some inspiring combinations of navy blue bedding and wall colors that will help make any bedroom truly stand out from the crowd!

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Definition Of Navy Blue

Have you ever heard the saying “blue is the new black”? Well, if that statement rings true, then navy blue is definitely in style. Navy blue has become a popular color choice for home décor and fashion alike—and it’s easy to see why! This deep, dark hue radiates sophistication while still offering plenty of versatility. But what exactly defines navy blue?

Navy blue is defined as a dark shade of blue with hints of black. In terms of tone, navy falls somewhere between cobalt and royal on the spectrum of blues. It also tends to be slightly lighter than charcoal gray or midnight black, making it an ideal accent color for many different colors schemes. On the RGB scale (Red Green Blue), navy can range anywhere from 0-0-128 to 0-51-102 depending on how light or dark you’d like your color scheme to be.

When used in interior design, navy blue often pairs nicely with whites and creams for a classic look, but it also works well with brighter shades such as yellows and oranges when looking to add a pop of contrast. No matter how you decide to use this timeless hue in your space, one thing’s certain: there’s no wrong way to incorporate navy into your decorating plans!

Different Shades Of Navy Blue

When it comes to navy blue, there are a variety of shades available for you to choose from. From midnight-blue and navy hues to paler tones such as light-blue or powder-blue, the options are truly endless! If you’re looking for something that exudes elegance and sophistication, then opting for a dark navy shade is typically your best bet. This type of navy has just enough black in it to make any room feel modern and sophisticated without being too overpowering.

If you’d like a more subtle look in your space, consider going with one of the lighter navy tints instead. These softer blues can be used on their own or combined with other colors for an interesting juxtaposition between bright and muted tones. For example, pairing a navy tinted wall color with white trim gives off a crisp yet calming vibe that will bring serenity into any room.

No matter what kind of style you have in mind, there’s sure to be a perfect shade of navy out there to help bring your vision to life! With so many different ways to incorporate this timeless hue into your home decorating plan, it’s no wonder why so many people turn to navy blue when looking for an accent color that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

Bedroom Wall Color Combinations

As you’re deciding how to best bring the beauty of navy blue into your bedroom, it’s important to consider which wall colors will work best with this timeless hue. While there are many different combinations that can be used to create a stunning aesthetic, here are a few tried-and-true ideas for making your space look truly sophisticated:

For an earthy feel, pair your navy walls with shades of brown and beige. This combination is warm and inviting while still having just enough contrast from the dark blues. For something more modern, try pairing navy blue with bright white or gray accents – these colors make the perfect backdrop for any contemporary design scheme. And if you want something even bolder, why not opt for yellow or pink? These cheery hues add a unique pop of color against navy walls but don’t overpower them either.

No matter what kind of style you have in mind, there are plenty of great options when it comes to choosing wall paint colors that go well with navy bedding. Just remember to keep things simple by opting for one or two accent colors at most – too much variety could end up looking cluttered and overwhelming!

TIP: When selecting wall paint ideas for a room featuring navy blue bedding, choose lighter tones like powder blue or light grey – these colors help balance out the darker shade without competing with it.

Accent Colors For Navy Blue Bedding

When it comes to decorating a bedroom featuring navy blue bedding, accent colors play an important role in creating the perfect look. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to choosing accents for navy blue walls or bedding, here are some ideas that can help you create a stunning visual impact:

For a classic and timeless feel, choose muted tones such as light blues and grays. These colors will work well with any navy blue color scheme without overpowering it. If you want something bolder, consider adding pops of bright yellow or pink – these hues add just enough contrast to make your room stand out from the crowd. And if you’re looking for the ultimate statement piece, try incorporating metallic accents like gold or silver; these striking colors help bring an extra level of sophistication to any space.

No matter what kind of style you’re going for, there are plenty of ways to incorporate accent colors into your navy blue bedroom décor. Just remember not to go overboard – too many colors could end up clashing and detract from the overall effect you’re trying to achieve! With careful consideration and planning, you can easily find the perfect combination that brings together all elements of your design seamlessly and creates a truly beautiful atmosphere.

Types Of Wall Paint

Now that you have an idea for accent colors to pair with your navy blue bedding, it’s time to consider the type of wall paint best suited for the room. From textured finishes to metallic accents and everything in between, there’s a wide variety of options out there – so how do you know which one is right for your space? Here are some popular types of wall paints that may work well in your bedroom:

Textured wall paint provides an interesting visual texture on walls without overwhelming them. It comes in a variety of styles, from matte to glossy or even metallic-like sheens. This can be a great way to add depth and dimension while still keeping things neutral.

Metallic wall paint adds sparkle and glamour to any space – perfect if you’re looking for something more eye-catching than just plain white walls! Metallic finishes come in various shades such as gold, silver, bronze, and copper; these hues really help bring the room together.

Eggshell wall paint has a soft luster finish that tends to hide imperfections better than flat paints do. It’s not quite as shiny as satin but still offers enough reflectivity that creates a subtle glow when light hits it. Eggshell is also very easy to clean and maintain over time.

Matte wall paint gives off a velvety look that helps soften harsher lines within the room design. Plus this finish absorbs light rather than reflecting it back like other sheens tend to do – making it ideal for creating an intimate atmosphere in small rooms or spaces where bright lights aren’t desirable.

Satin wall paint has slightly more shine than eggshell but less glossiness compared to semi-glossy finishes. Its medium sheen makes it highly durable since it resists stains or scuffs much better than its counterparts; plus it works incredibly well at deflecting dirt away due to its smooth surface.

No matter what kind of style you’re going for, carefully selecting the right type of wall paint will ensure your newly decorated bedroom looks amazing once completed! With all these different choices available, take your time exploring each option before deciding which one suits your needs best – after all, this is one decision you’ll enjoy living with day after day!

How To Select The Right Wall Color For Navy Blue Bedding

When it comes to creating a stylish room design, the color of your walls is just as important as that of the bedding. With navy blue bedding, you have so many options when it comes to selecting the right wall color – and luckily, they don’t all need to be boring! From bold hues to subtle shades and everything in between, there are tons of combinations that can make for an eye-catching yet sophisticated aesthetic.

To start off your selection process, consider what kind of mood or atmosphere you want for the bedroom. Do you prefer something calm and tranquil? Or perhaps more vibrant and energizing? Once you know this, it’ll be easier to narrow down which colors will work best with your navy blue bedding. For example, if you’re looking for a peaceful ambiance try pairing light blues or neutrals; if you’d like something more upbeat then go for brighter tints such as yellows and oranges.

In addition to picking out paint colors, remember to also think about which type of wall paint works best within the space. Depending on the texture or finish desired – from matte finishes that absorb light to metallic accents that reflect back into the room – each one creates its own unique environment. No matter which combination you choose, having an understanding of these different types helps create a cohesive look that reflects both good taste and comfortability!

Examples Of Stylish Room Design Ideas

Now that you know how to select the right wall colors for your navy blue bedding, it’s time to get inspired with some stylish room design ideas. Whether you’re looking to create a modern oasis or bring luxury and comfort into your space, there are plenty of ways to make use of this classic color combination while still achieving a one-of-a-kind look. Here are just a few examples:

For those wanting a coastal vibe in their bedroom, try pairing navy blue bedding with shades of white on the walls. This will give off an airy feel and instantly add beach vibes to any room. Or if you’d like something more modern and minimalistic then opt for bright blues – from light turquoise to vibrant cobalt – as these can be easily dressed up with sleek furniture pieces and metallic accents.

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Finally, why not take advantage of the luxe look by creating an opulent atmosphere? For this aesthetic, combine deep jewel tones such as sapphire or emerald green with dark woods; alternatively, choose lighter hues paired with gold décor for an elegant yet inviting ambiance. No matter which route you decide upon, having blue bedroom ideas at your fingertips ensures that designing a beautiful space is within reach!

Tips And Tricks For Decorating With Navy Blue Bedding

When it comes to decorating with navy blue bedding, the possibilities are endless. From dark and moody vibes to chic and modern looks, this timeless color can be used in a variety of ways to create an atmosphere that is both stylish and inviting. To help you get started on your own bedroom décor journey, here are some tips and tricks for making the most out of navy blue paint:

Begin by painting the walls in a neutral shade such as white or grey – this will provide a canvas for adding navy blue accents throughout the room. Next, incorporate bedroom decorating ideas featuring various textures like velvet pillows or linen curtains; these items will add depth while still allowing the bold hue to take center stage. And don’t forget about layering! Opting for sheer navy blue curtains over heavier drapes creates a romantic ambiance that can be further enhanced with soft lighting options.

Finally, top off your look with furniture pieces and wall art for an extra touch of personality. This could include wood nightstands combined with nautical-inspired prints or eclectic chairs paired with abstract paintings in shades of turquoise. With so many creative combinations available, there’s no limit to what you can achieve using just one classic color!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Of Wall Paint Is Best For A Bedroom?

When it comes to bedroom wall paint colors, how do you choose the best one? It can be overwhelming trying to decide what type of wall paint is best for a room. But there are certain factors that will help make this decision easier.

Firstly, consider the overall look and feel you want your bedroom to have. Darker tones like navy blue can create an air of elegance but may not be suitable for some bedrooms depending on their size or natural light sources. For example, if your room gets a lot of sunlight during the day, then lighter colors such as pastels could work better with your existing bedding than navy blue wall paint would.

Another factor to think about when selecting bedroom wall paint is durability. When choosing between different types of paints, always go for those that offer long-lasting coverage and protection against fading and chipping over time. There are many brands available in stores that provide quality paints designed specifically for use inside homes. Check out reviews online before making any purchases so you can compare prices and benefits between products.

With all these considerations in mind, finding the right color for your walls should be much simpler! Whether you’re looking for something subtle and calming or bold and daring, by doing adequate research beforehand you’ll end up with a beautiful space perfect for restful nights – without having to worry about needing repainting too soon afterwards!

How Do I Choose The Right Wall Color For My Navy Blue Bedding?

Choosing the right wall color for any room can be a daunting task. With so many options and styles of paint, it’s hard to know where to start! When your bedding is navy blue, you have an added challenge of finding a complimentary wall color that will bring out the best in both elements. But with some knowledge about accent walls, wall paint finishes, and how colors interact, selecting the perfect hues doesn’t have to cause anxiety.

Accent walls are great for adding visual interest and depth to any bedroom. If you’re looking for a bold statement from your navy blue bedding, consider painting one wall deep navy or even black as a dramatic backdrop for the rest of the space. To keep things more subtle but still make sure the bedding stands out, try pairing pale gray or white walls with darker accents like navy window treatments or furniture pieces. If you want something truly unique and eye-catching, opt for an ombre effect by lightly blending multiple shades of blue together on just one wall.

No matter what look you choose, pay attention to the type of finish you use on all your walls (not just accent ones). Matte paints absorb light while glossier types reflect it – this contrast between surfaces can help create interesting shadows throughout the room. You also don’t want any glare when relaxing in bed at night – matte finishes prevent this without sacrificing style. Finally, remember that different colors affect moods differently; experiment with lighter blues and greens if calming vibes are desired or deeper tones like indigo if energizing effects are preferred instead.

In summary: choosing the appropriate wall color for a navy blue bedding requires careful consideration of accent walls, various finishes available in wall paint and understanding how certain colors interact with each other based on their moods they evoke within us.

What Is The Best Way To Incorporate Accent Colors With Navy Blue Bedding?

Styling your bedroom with a navy blue bedding can be an exciting adventure in interior design. But when it comes to incorporating accent colors, it’s easy to feel stumped. Where do you even start? Fortunately, there are plenty of stylish ideas that will help you make the most of this dreamy hue without overwhelming your room’s design.

When decorating with navy blue bedding and accent colors, think about what kind of atmosphere you want to create in your space. Are you looking for something bright and airy or dark and cozy? You’ll also need to consider how different shades of navy look with each other; pairing two similar blues might not be as visually interesting as combining them with pops of color like yellow or pink!

Once you have some ideas in mind, take time to experiment before committing to any particular palette. Painting sample swatches on the walls is often helpful – although if you don’t want to go through the trouble just yet, try rearranging throw pillows or adding art prints featuring complementary hues instead. With these simple decorating tips, finding the perfect combination between your navy blue bedding and accent colors doesn’t have to be difficult nor intimidating!

What Are Some Examples Of Stylish Room Design Ideas With Navy Blue Bedding?

When it comes to stylish room design ideas with navy blue bedding, there are countless possibilities for you to explore. Whether your goal is to create an inviting bedroom that feels cozy and comfortable or a modern living space with unique accents, the key is finding the perfect balance of colors and textures. Navy blue bedding creates a wonderful base color for any decorating scheme, so all you need to do is find the right accent colors to pair it with!

From warm neutrals like taupe and beige to bolder colors such as yellow and red, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to incorporating accent colors into your navy blue bedding-based design. Additionally, if you want to add texture and dimension to the room, consider using various shades of blues in different patterns – this can help draw attention away from the navy walls while still keeping a unified look throughout the entire space. Finally, don’t forget about accessories; adding some pillows in complementary colors can bring life into your bedroom decorating project!

All these elements together will make sure that your stylish room designs come alive – not only by making use of accent colors but also through thoughtful touches such as wall art or patterned rugs. With just a few simple adjustments, you can easily turn your ordinary bedroom into one full of personality and character!

Are There Any Tips And Tricks I Can Use To Decorate With Navy Blue Bedding?

When it comes to decorating with navy blue bedding, there are many tips and tricks you can use. The key is to find a balance between the boldness of the navy blue and other colors that will bring out its beauty. Whether you’re looking for some stylish design ideas or just want to know how best to incorporate navy blue into your bedroom décor, here are some helpful tips and tricks.

In terms of color combinations, white walls are perfect for brightening up any room with navy blue bedding. You could also consider light shades of grey or even yellow as an accent wall – both these colors look great when paired with navy blue. To add more depth to the space, try adding in other textures like wood furniture or woolen rugs – this way your bedroom won’t be too one-dimensional. Additionally, incorporating plants or flowers gives life to any room!

You should also think about different pieces of artwork that would work well with your chosen color palette – using prints or photos in complementary hues adds interest while bringing together all elements of the room. Lastly, make sure you have good lighting; whether that’s natural sunlight streaming through windows during the day or dimmed lamps at night, proper lighting will create a cozy atmosphere and highlight all beautiful aspects of your bedroom’s decoration.

Decorating with navy blue bedding doesn’t need to be intimidating; by utilizing these simple tips and tricks along with plenty of creativity, you’ll achieve a stunning outcome every time!


The right wall color can make or break the look of a bedroom. When it comes to navy blue bedding, you have many options for creating a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere in your space. From pale neutrals that create a sense of serenity to bold accent colors that draw attention, there is something out there for everyone. With careful consideration and creativity, you can create an eye-catching room with navy blue bedding as the centerpiece.

Imagining my own bedroom with navy blue bedding brings me such joy! The crisp shade of blue against classic white walls creates a timelessly elegant style that I just love. Adding subtle touches of grey throughout helps to carry the look together while still allowing the bright hue of the bedding to take center stage. To finish off this look, I chose burnt orange accents which offer warmth and depth to further enhance the inviting ambiance in my room.

Navy blue bedding offers so much potential when it comes to decorating bedrooms! Whether you go with muted tones or vibrant hues, by incorporating your personal taste into the design process, you’ll be sure to end up with a unique and stylish space that speaks directly to who you are.