Are mattress toppers healthy?

Learn how to choose the right mattress topper. Definition – Advantages – Types – Memory Foam A mattress topper, as the name suggests, lies on top of your normal mattress and provides extra padding and support. It can be made from a variety of materials such as latex, memory foam and springs and is available in different thicknesses and densities. If your new mattress is a little too hard for your liking, a soft mattress topper can provide cushioning.

In addition, memory foam or latex mattress toppers relieve pressure on your joints, which is a pleasant relief for people with arthritis or other painful skeletal conditions. Firm but springy, usually firmer than memory foam Less expensive than memory foam or latex. While many mattress to ppers are made from foam or latex, not all use environmentally friendly or carbon conscious methods. Here we’ve found 10 mattress toppers that are made exclusively from natural and organic materials, support small businesses and safe working conditions, and give back to those in need.

Sleep better with one of these mattress toppers. Coyuchi wants your bed to be the comfortable oasis you’ve always dreamed of. Made from ethically sourced wool from Northern California, Coyuchi’s wool blanket will keep you warm in the cold months and sweat-free in the hot ones. Naturally hypoallergenic and dust repellent, this topper is also a great choice for sensitive sleepers.

As with all orders, Coyuchi gives back through 1or the Planet. Saatva wants to improve your sleep experience every night. The Talalay latex mattress topper has been thoughtfully designed using hypoallergenic and durable natural latex to last as long as your mattress. Sustainable, supportive and super soft, it’s no wonder the Saatva collection has been featured in O Magazine, Forbes and more.

Boll & Branch focuses on humanity, responsibility and intention in all its bedding and bath products. The 2 Mattress Topper, made from free-range New Zealand sheep’s wool and organic cotton, adds a cosy, luxurious feel to any mattress. Knowing that each topper is ethically and responsibly made, we all sleep a little better. The brand also offers sheets, which we tried in person. Find out how we slept in our Boll & Branch review.

Do you suffer from shoulder or hip pain? Tuft & Needle offers a sustainable, simple solution with its mattress topper made from natural foam. This mattress topper addresses your needs, relieves painful pressure points and keeps you comfortable all night long. And for the ultimate in safety, each topper is both CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold certified. And as a bonus, this is the most affordable eco-friendly topper on our list.

While most toppers are 2, Birch’s 3 mattress topper offers extra cushioned support. These GOTS and GREENGUARD Gold certified mattress toppers are handmade in the USA and shipped directly to you within 10 business days. You are less than two weeks away from your best night’s rest. Happsy wants to give everyone that “luxury hotel experience” with its USA-made organic mattress topper.

Organic latex is surrounded by a layer of certified organic cotton for a deeper, thicker feel without harmful chemicals. The team that developed the first certified organic mattress in a box has done it again. The UK-based Natural Bed Company offers all kinds of mattress toppers available worldwide, but our choice is the Organic Cotton Filled Mattress Cover. The lightly quilted toppers are made from GOTS certified cotton and then wrapped in a cotton percale cover for a really soft and gentle feel.

Every purchase from Natural Bed Company means you are investing in a small business that has been around since the 1970s. PlushBeds (wool and latex only) mattress toppers Avocado are Greenguard Gold certified for all their mattresses, toppers and pillows. This means that the mattress toppers have been tested and meet the strict criteria for emission standards for chemical exposures and pollutants such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde and phthalates. The Avocado Vegan mattress toppers are certified by Vegan Action and PETA and feature GOLS-certified organic latex and a ticking made from GOTS-certified organic cotton, as well as reinforced seams.

Available in plush (D65 Soft) and firm latex (D75 Medium Firm), they are exactly the same as the Avocado Green Mattress Topper but use cotton instead of wool. Avocado prefers Dunlop latex for its products because it requires less processing than Talalay latex (and is therefore a bit more environmentally friendly). Avocado also makes its own GOLS-certified latex, sourced from its own farmer associations in India working under the USDA’s National Organic Program. Dunlop latex is naturally antimicrobial, cooler than memory foam, requires no adhesives to sew together and is more durable than Talalay latex.

Avocado does not use polyurethane or toxic flame retardants, pesticides or other risky chemicals. The mattresses are handmade to order in California and workers are paid a fair and living wage. The factory itself is GOTS certified and ISO 9001 certified for quality management. The company is also a B-Corp and carbon neutral, meaning that it voluntarily offsets more than 100% of its emissions, from raw material extraction to shipping, by supporting carbon offset projects through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Coyuchi is another one of my favourite companies at Leaf Score.

Not only do they make bedding, pillows, baby clothes and toys, but they also make fantastic mattress pads from wool and GOTS certified organic cotton. Available in twin, queen and king sizes, these mattress pads are slightly cheaper than Avocado’s but are still made in the USA with wool ethically sourced in Northern California from a ranch in Bodega Bay, just 12 miles from Coyuchi’s birthplace. The Birch mattress topper is GOTS and GREENGUARD Gold certified, handmade, ships free within 10 days and comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. The company uses Talalay latex, which is OEKO-TEX certified and made domestically, and uses only organic wool that is ethically and sustainably sourced.

The wool can be traced back to individual farms in New Zealand, and each farm meets the requirements of the PGC Wrightson Wool Integrity Program, which mandates that sheep be kept free-range and on pasture. Puffy has incorporated a number of premium features into a product that has something for every sleeper. The mattress topper protects against overheating thanks to the bamboo and polyester material, which is also breathable and feels incredibly cool. And because the mattress topper is made from hypoallergenic, Oeko-Tek certified materials, it is chemical free and safe to sleep on.

Thanks to the elastic pockets, Puffy’s topper easily attaches to your bed so you don’t have to worry about it moving around during the night. You can also buy a hard or soft version, making the Puffy topper a universal choice for the average sleeper. You can further enhance your mattress with the Helix plush mattress topper. This luxurious accessory makes your mattress even softer thanks to the thick quilt and soft bamboo fibres inside.

The bamboo blend also makes the mattress topper breathable, allowing air to circulate better and preventing heat build-up to keep you cool all night long. Saatva’s innovative 3-inch mattress topper is infused with graphite and features advanced technology to keep you cool. According to the brand, the graphite layer conducts heat away from your body while the foam reduces motion transfer. The other memory foam layer provides much-needed pressure relief and contour support.

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This is good news for side sleepers. The Saatva topper provides pressure relief at the shoulders and hips, so side sleepers can get the rest they need and wake up without aching muscles. Plus, they don’t feel like they’re sinking into the mattress because the other layers of the topper provide solid support. Casper uses premium latex foam to create its wonderfully plush 3-inch mattress toppers, which are made up of three different layers.

The bottom layer is made of viscoelastic foam, which is similar to memory foam. The second layer consists of latex infused with graphite, which absorbs body heat and provides a cool night’s sleep. The top layer is made of alt latex, a type of high-density foam that gives the topper its soft, plush quality. According to Casper, the foams have tiny holes in them to allow warm air to escape so you don’t overheat.

They are also hypoallergenic, which protects your bed from dust mites and other unwanted pests. The toppers are made to fit seamlessly to your mattress and because they are slightly heavier, you don’t have to worry about them slipping during sleep. The Birch by Helix mattress pad is really in a class of its own. The Organic Plush Pillow Mattress Topper is made from 3 inches of breathable, eco-friendly materials sourced from nature, such as organic cotton and natural latex.

The latter gives the topper an incredibly luxurious, plush feel as well as a deep body fit that responds to your movements and cushions your pressure points. These pillows use Talalay latex, which is made in the USA and is Oeko-Tex certified, meaning the topper contains safe materials. There are no synthetic materials, harmful chemicals or polyurethane-based foams.

The thickness of the mattress is 2 inches, but it uses a 100% GOLS certified organic mattress. The medium-firm natural latex D75 is used for the firmer version, while the plush topper lets you sink in and moulds to your body contours thanks to the soft natural latex D65. The Latex For Less is good value for money while offering impeccable quality. It is available in all conceivable bed sizes and is made of 100% natural latex with all safety certificates.

This model is ideal for people who suffer from back or hip pain, although it has a thickness of 2 inches. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel high quality or luxurious. Although some people who are allergic to latex may worry about safety and peace of mind, the company guarantees the hypoallergenic material. There’s also a 5-year guarantee and a 120-night sleep trial, so you can see the quality for yourself.

Cotton mattress toppers are the best when it comes to their softness, comfort and other properties. It is known to provide a great sleeping experience. The White Lotus Home uses only 100 io cotton for its mattresses and this topper is no exception. There are no synthetic materials that could compromise your safety.

Instead, the mattress is supportive and soft thanks to a 2 inch thick cotton layer. It is safe for sensitive skin and hypoallergenic. If you feel that a 2-inch topper is not enough for your needs, don’t worry. You can add an extra soft cotton layer that brings your topper to 4 inches thick, making it suitable for both heavier and lighter sleepers.

It is GOTS certified, which means it is free from pesticides and insecticides. Natural and biodegradable cotton is used, which means the company is environmentally conscious. It also uses 91% less water to grow cotton than other brands that are not as conscious about making similar products from cotton. Many more affordable models have a thickness of 2 inches, but this may only be sufficient for back and stomach sleepers.

In addition, side sleepers may have difficulty falling asleep if the sleeping surface is not thick enough and they can still feel the mattress under the topper. The perfect balance is a thickness of 3 inches (although some products in the list are as thin as 2 inches), while 4 inches is recommended for heavier sleepers and those with chronic pain. Take Ten’s 100% organic natural latex topper is both GOLS and USDA certified and also features an organic cover with GOTS cotton certification. It’s extra-soft for those looking for an alternative to their super firm mattress.

It is 100% vegan and you don’t have to worry about synthetic and potentially harmful materials. The Compton 1.5-inch latex mattress topper uses a plant-based design made from toxin-free materials. It is hypoallergenic and provides effective protection against bed bugs. It is also available in a variety of sizes.

Thanks to the breathability of the mattress topper, it also has excellent cooling technology. The Starcast mattress topper is a 100-odd organic mattress topper that feels cool and airy when you sleep. It is also extra thick compared to other mattress toppers and fits perfectly to any bed. It does not slip off the bed.

Instead, it is suitable for the whole family, from babies to the elderly. Avocado Mattress is dedicated to creating non-toxic and eco-friendly mattresses for consumers, no matter what type of mattress they prefer. The eco-friendly company uses materials such as organic cotton, 100% GOLS-certified natural latex and 100% natural wool to manufacture its products and avoids toxic chemicals and polyurethane foams. Avocado Mattress not only uses natural processes, but also guarantees the quality of its materials with 100 nights of testing and free shipping and returns, so you can buy with peace of mind.

We’ve included the Avocado Green natural latex mattress topper in this list not only for its comfort, but also because the mattress is made from 100% natural Dunlop latex, sourced from tree-lined and sustainable sources. It is also made from 100% natural, GOTS certified organic wool for an eco-friendly design that you can sleep on every night with a clear conscience. The mattress topper is hand-sewn and made of certified organic cotton on the inside. This mattress topper is GOTS certified, MADE SAFE certified and we love that not only is it an eco-friendly, handmade product, but it also comes in two different thicknesses, firm and plush, so you can find the exact topper that suits your sleeping preferences.

Birch Plush Pillow Top Mattress Topper This is why the Birch Topper made it into our list. This mattress topper is made from a cover of natural organic cotton, natural New Zealand wool and 100% pure Talalay latex. The result is a comfortable and luxurious mattress topper that is also completely natural. This organic mattress topper is not only eco-friendly, but also cool and breathable for the ultimate sleep experience. Plush Beds Natural Luxury Handmade Wool Topper Plush Beds is an online mattress retailer dedicated to producing luxury mattresses that promote good health.

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To this end, only high quality, non-toxic materials are used in the manufacture of their products. All products are made from toxin-free materials and are certified with GreenGuard Gold status, the world’s most stringent standard for chemical emissions. Fewer than 1 er mattresses meet these strict eco-friendly standards, but all Plush Beds products do. For this reason, we have included the Plush Beds Natural Luxury Handmade Wool Topper in our test.

This mattress topper is the brand’s best-selling mattress topper and it’s easy to see why. This 100 litre natural mattress topper is made from 100% premium eco wool, which acts as a natural temperature regulator, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Latex For Less Nautral Latex Mattress Topper As the name suggests, Latex For Less is an online retailer that offers customers genuine, 100% natural latex products at a great price. With their product line, choosing eco-friendly, natural products doesn’t have to break the budget.

In addition to latex mattress toppers, the retailer also offers pillows, mattresses, slatted frames and foundations, all of which come with the company’s 120-night trial. The Latex for Less Topper earns a top spot on our list because the topper is made from 100% natural latex and is manufactured without fillers, synthetics or chemicals. In fact, this topper is so natural that it has been certified by OEKO-TEX and the Oeko Institute for Purity and Safety. This affordable mattress topper is made right in the United States and is naturally hypoallergenic.

And we love that it comes with a 10-year warranty. Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Latex Mattress Topper Brentwood Home is an online luxury bedding retailer that aims to “shake up the toxic mattress industry” by handcrafting mattresses and bedding from natural latex and gel memory foam. Brentwood Home uses only certified organic GOTS and GOLS materials from domestic sources that have minimal impact on the environment. The company also supports organisations like the National Forest Foundation to help the planet and reforest our forests.

The Brentwood Home Cedar Natural Latex Mattress Topper deserves a spot on this list of our favourite products. Not only is the mattress topper made from completely organic materials, which means there are no harmful chemicals in your mattress topper. The mattress topper relieves pressure points and feels like a pillow. It is certified organic and made of fully organic natural latex and organic cotton fabric.

This comfortable and durable mattress topper comes with a 10-year guarantee. Keetsa is a mattress manufacturer that makes products from CertiPUR-US certified foam. This means that the products in this company’s collections meet very strict standards for content, emissions and durability so that customers can buy environmentally friendly products that make them feel good. This means no ozone-depleting substances, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants.

Keetsa has a whole range of all-natural products, including pillows, mattresses and accessories. The Keetsa Luxurious Comfort Layer is number seven on our list. This ultra-plush mattress topper is made with the brand’s body-shaping BioFoam and is made from a natural hemp blend fabric that covers the entire mattress. The hemp blend is certified by OEKO-TEX according to Standard 100.

The inside of this mattress topper, which makes it extremely comfortable, is made of CertiPUR-US certified foam. This means that the foam is made without ozone depleting substances or harmful chemicals. Sleep on Latex Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper The Sleep on Latex Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper review completes our list of the best eco-friendly and natural mattress toppers. With this mattress topper, you can choose the exact thickness and firmness you want for your mattress topper, so you can create the exact sleeping experience you want.

You can even put an organic cotton cover over this topper. Dubbed the world’s best-selling latex mattress topper, this product is 100 us natural latex and is never made with synthetic latex or fire retardant chemicals. The Pacific Coast Feather SuperLoft mattress topper makes our list because the extra soft mattress topper is made with eco-friendly, RDS certified down filling. We love that this extra soft 2 inch mattress topper has a life expectancy of 10 years and is made from natural Hyperclean feathers and 100s of down.

This is the perfect addition to your new memory foam mattress. My Green Mattress, as the name suggests, is a certified green and organic mattress company that specialises in making eco-friendly and natural mattresses for their customers. These mattresses were originally developed to help the owner and founder’s daughter with her allergies and eczema, and the company grew from there. Today, the company not only makes all-natural bedding, but backs all of their mattresses with a 100-night trial so you can make sure their products meet your needs.

ABOUTCONTACTADVERTISEGUIDES- Organic Mattress- Avocado Mattress ReviewLIFESTYLESTERMS OF USEPRIVACY POLICYACCESSIBILITY. If your existing mattress is too firm or too hard for you, it can be damaging to your back, neck or various pressure points like your shoulders and hips. Changing your mattress can be expensive, especially when compared to the price of the mattress topper. Many people use a soft mattress topper to give a hard mattress a more comfortable surface.

In this case, the new top layer can be a good thing. It can reduce pressure on your hips and shoulders and help your spine to curve more naturally. This in turn helps to reduce back pain. Soaring Heart is a good choice for mattresses and toppers because they have a revitalisation programme.

Mattress topper manufacturers are pretty sure that you will love their product. That’s why almost all of the companies on this list offer a trial period, which can range from 30 days to a full year. A mattress topper, as the name suggests, rests on top of your regular mattress for extra cushioning and support. And if you toss and turn all night, you need a topper that responds instantly to your movements. However, I hope this information will help you make a good decision about buying a memory foam topper.

Made exclusively from Cradle to Cradle GOLD and FSC certified Talalay latex, this mattress topper is an easy way to add extra cushioning and pressure relief. Down alternatives are less expensive than their down siblings and are suitable for people who suffer from allergies to feathers. This company makes mattresses, toppers and pillows, all designed with the same eco-friendly considerations in mind. My Green Mattress offers a very affordable, Greenguard Gold certified mattress topper made from 100% natural, GOLS and OEKO-TEX certified latex and a cover made from GOTS certified organic cotton.

With their organic cotton, wool and polyamide mattress topper made from humanely treated, free-range New Zealand sheep’s wool, Boll & Branch adds an extra layer of comfort. This mattress topper is resilient and retains its shape rather than conforming to the body like synthetic memory foam. Richard has worked in mattress and bedding sales for many years and believes he knows just about everything there is to know to help you choose the best possible mattress for your needs.