Can mattress toppers be washed?

As toppers are usually exposed fabric, it is not advisable to clean them in a normal washing machine. Mattress toppers are much more delicate than other bedding and using a washing machine can wear them out quickly. Most mattress pads used today are made of foam – a popular type is memory foam. Mattress pads made of wool and other fibres can often be washed in the washing machine, but foam cannot.

Here are some tips on how to wash mattress pads without ruining them. Not all mattress pads can be washed this way. Memory foam should not be put in the washing machine and should not be soaked in water. Memory foam mattress toppers absorb water, which destroys their “memory” properties.

Here’s how to wash or clean a memory foam mattress or any other type of foam mattress if you don’t want to risk it in the washing machine. No, washing memory foam in the machine destroys its structure. The vigorous agitation can tear the foam, making the topper unusable. Also avoid putting memory foam in the dryer.

Whether you can machine wash a mattress topper depends primarily on its material. Mattress toppers with hollow polyester fibres are almost always machine washable, while memory foam and other foam toppers are not. By using covers for your mattress pads, you can keep them in perfect shape. The best part is that covers can be washed in the washing machine, so you can keep your toppers clean and in pristine condition.

Unlike toppers, covers can be cleaned as often as necessary without the risk of damage. We recommend using cotton covers as they are soft and feel good against the skin. Covers are the best way to keep your bedding clean with minimal effort. The right way to clean mattress pads depends on how dirty they are.

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If you just want to freshen and deodorise them, a simple cleaning with baking soda will do. If liquids have spilled, you may need to use a gentle cleaner such as white vinegar or an enzyme cleaner. In many cases, mattress pads with vinyl backing are machine washable. For machine washing, you should use warm or cold water and turn on a gentle cycle.

Do not use harsh detergents when washing your mattress topper in the washing machine. Washing a large foam topper can be a bit cumbersome and time-consuming, but it can be done. Just remember that you should never put foam toppers (both plain and those encased in fabric) in a washer or dryer. Even a large front-loading washing machine, known for being gentle on fabrics, is a bad idea.

The spin and agitation are too much for the delicate structure of the foam, and you will end up with hundreds of little pieces. A good idea is to fill the washing machine with water first, then add the mild detergent, mix it and finally put the mattress topper in. Twin and full mattress pads should fit in most washing machines, while queen and king mattress pads probably won’t fit in as easily. While you can throw your sheets and pillowcases in the washing machine, you can’t clean your memory foam mattress toppers in the same way.

Due to the delicate structure of the memory foam in the mattress topper, it cannot simply be thrown into the washing machine. In this case, note that it will take a while for your mattress topper to air dry. We therefore recommend washing it on a warm, dry day when it will dry faster. You can find the washing instructions on the label of your mattress topper or in the documents that came with it if you still have them. If you do not have an oversized washing machine or the care instructions do not allow for washing in the washing machine, you will need to dry your mattress topper on site.

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As part of regular care, you should vacuum your memory foam mattress topper once a week or every time you wash your bedding. Also remember that when washing a down mattress topper, it is best to use a washing machine without an agitator (the large centre section in many washing machines). If the care instructions allow for washing in the washing machine, the first thing you should do is check the entire mattress topper for tears. Also, you should not use bleach when washing this type of mattress topper as it is too aggressive for the material.

Some types of mattress toppers are suitable for the washing machine, others can only be spot cleaned. After reading the care instructions, you should be able to put your cotton mattress topper in the washing machine.