What type of pillow is best to sleep on?

Our selection of the best side sleeper pillows starts with the Layla Pillow, which is filled with shredded memory foam and fibres from the kapok tree. Copper is added to the memory foam, which has natural cooling properties and prevents the pillow from retaining too much body heat. Copper also has antimicrobial properties. The kapok fibres are exceptionally soft and have a down-like consistency that gives the pillow a very soft surface, while the memory foam moulds to the head and neck.

This adjustable and reversible pillow from popular sleep company Leesa has many great features for side sleepers. One side of the pillow has a soft, quilted surface, while the other side has cooling gel to keep you comfortable while you sleep. A removable insert allows you to adjust the height of the pillow to make it perfect for you. These are a more traditional equivalent to synthetic fibre fillings.

Their natural resistance to dust mites and mould means they can be a good choice for allergy sufferers. Their firmness can be beneficial for side sleepers who need more support than people who sleep on their backs. Like latex, they can also help keep you cool during the night. Down pill ows are made from the soft fibres that resemble the skin of geese, ducks or swans.

Since these pillows are sometimes mixed with feathers, you should pay attention to the ratio of down to feathers when buying a down pillow. It is also important to find a down pillow that comes from ethical sources. Since down comes from animals, it is important to make sure that down pillows are certified by the Responsible Down Standard, which regulates the ethical treatment of ducks and geese. Alternative down pillows are a synthetic version of the classic down pillow.

Most alternative down pillows are filled with polyester to mimic the feel of down. Polyester makes alternative down pillows hypoallergenic and much more affordable. If you want a soft down feel without using real feathers, a down alternative pillow is a good choice. Feather pillows consist of a traditional filling that provides good support without losing its shape.

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A feather filling is a great option if you are looking for a comfortable, supportive option. However, it is important to know that many feather pillows are also filled with a small amount of down, so people who are allergic to down should find out about the composition of a feather pillow before buying it. Cotton pillows have declined in popularity in favour of newer synthetic materials such as memory foam. However, cotton pillows are a classic pillow material that has certain advantages, especially for people who are allergic to synthetic materials.

Cotton pillows are also easy to clean, so you can wash your cotton pillow regularly. Latex pillows are becoming increasingly popular as they provide good support for the head and neck while still feeling soft and cosy. Latex pillows come in both firm and shredded material. However, watch out for latex blend pillows, which are often mixed with polyurethane foam, which can be potentially toxic.

Pillows made of memory foam are becoming increasingly popular because they mould to the body, making them suitable for all sleeping positions. This allows your head and neck to conform to the memory foam pillow in a position that is comfortable for you. Crushed memory foam pillows are an uplifting alternative to traditional memory foam. Since the filling of the shredded memory foam pillow can be added or removed depending on the individual’s preference, shredded memory foam is suitable for almost all sleeping preferences.

Bamboo pillows have been a rising trend in the sleep industry for some time, probably because of their antimicrobial properties and ability to absorb moisture. Most bamboo pillows are made of a shredded foam with a bamboo viscose cover, meaning you get the benefits of a shredded memory foam pillow with the cooling properties of bamboo. The best way to find the right pillow for you is to determine your individual criteria using the following six elements as a guide, and then follow your instincts to find what feels most comfortable and suitable for you. Memory foam pillows provide pressure relief and the right amount of compression to align your neck, while contoured foam pillows are designed to cradle your head while relieving tension in your neck and shoulders.

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They flatten over time and usually need to be replaced more often than other types of pillows. However, the loft of a pillow depends on both your body shape and how much you sink into your mattress. If you find a medium or medium-firm pillow uncomfortable or too “hard”, consider buying a memory foam pillow with pressure relief, which provides a more cushioned feel. One patient who suffers from chronic pain raved about how the pillow eliminated his sleep-related neck pain, adding, “I literally ordered a second one after using this pillow for two days.

However, you may notice a chemical smell from crushed pillows, so air them out before sleeping. As an adult, you may have realised that taking some time to find the best pill ow for you makes a big difference to how well you sleep and how you feel in the morning. Since your shoulder takes most of the pressure when you sleep on your side, you should choose a firmer pillow to support your neck and relieve pressure on your shoulder. On Black Friday, you can save hundreds of euros with discounts and special offers. So this is a good time to take advantage of deals from sleep product brands.

The wool is from cruelty-free farming and the organic cotton cover is GOTS certified, so even people who are concerned about sustainability can be sure that their pillow has been produced responsibly. Reviewers describe this pillow as “life-changing” and say it helped them sleep comfortably during pregnancy. The Eli & Elm Cotton Side-Sleeper Pillow features a distinctive U-curve at the bottom that gives the shoulder a place to rest while sleeping.